Immediate and significant increases in revenue from smart CRO program

With an increasing percentage of their market shopping online, Primepac needed a strong online presence to continue its upward trajectory and current offline business success.

The problem - 94% of new users who came to their website failed to complete purchases. Primepac was missing out on a huge amount of sales because customers were dropping off at critical points in the buyer's journey.

FIRST's smart conversion optimisation program focused on:

  • Website funnel analysis and insight - to identify critical points where conversion was low 
  • Testing and measurement - to improve the features in the checkout pages that would result to an increase in conversion and ultimately an increase in revenue
  • Proactive management and continuous optimisation - to have real time visibility of performance and make changes in response to the results

Primepac saw a continuous increase in revenue throughout the duration of the 3-month program:

  • 1st month: Increased Revenue by 12 %
  • 2nd month: Increased Revenue by 14.9%
  • 3rd month: Increased Revenue by 15 %

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